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Increasingly dull married life.Nike running shoes sale understood this to the family, that can not do without her, this love has habits and settle down. Until Nike Free Running Shoes encounter.

Qianqian is my student, a very weak girl, Dimei grabbing first with classical beauty. Her few words, but great temperament, especially one pair of slightly melancholy eyes, like actor Mei Ting. Air max running shoes and my contacts are not frequent, every time she come, then we say it does not matter, but there was something that Nike running shoes sale can resist that her facial features, manners and customs. Show me over and over again as if she was telling me: Nike Free Running Shoes likes me, or that I rely on. Men in general are willing to put both of which distinguish it.

But when she first me the courage to tell the truth, I declined Air max running shoes, afraid of hurting me, for others, for ourselves. Qianqian into my arms, crying, like a helpless child. I was very moved.

Since then half a year we still maintains a touch of contacts. One day, she called me that night was her birthday party, Nike running shoes sale hope I can make it. I discovered she was the only one to go after, and Nike Free Running Shoes has personally do table cuisine, booing two glasses of red wine, candlelight music, romantic atmosphere, as if the clock back,Air max running shoes went back to a decade ago.